Our Team


Kristen Berube MA, RCC

Kristen received her MA in Counselling Psychology through the Adler School of Professional Psychology in Vancouver, BC, with a concentration in Mindfulness-Based approaches to health and well-being.

"My approach to clients is always strength-based, as I believe that every individual has unique strengths and resiliencies that serve as a foundation for personal growth. One of my key professional interests the cultivation of resilience (the ability to bounce back from adversity), and self-efficacy (one's own belief in their capacity to change and achieve goals). I believe that both of these internal resources can be cultivated in any individual through personal exploration and self-reflection. I assist clients in tapping into existing strengths."

Kristen has been leading Mindfulness and Meditation groups for 8 years, and is a disciple of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh. She is also trained in Mindfulness-Based Therapeutic groups and offers both Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) and Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention (MBRP) in Nanaimo, British Columbia.


Bhuddist Training

"I received my Five Mindfulness Trainings at Thich Nhat Hanh’s Monastery in France (Plum Village) and was given the Dharma Name “Pure Mountain of the Heart” after he learned of my (then recent) training as a teacher of Mindful Self-Compassion".

About my teacher: One of the best known and most respected Zen Masters in the world today, poet, and peace and human rights activist, Thich Nhat Hanh (called Thây by his students) has led an extraordinary life. Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh is perhaps most known for his prolific writings on meditation, mindfulness, and peace. He has published over 100 titles of sutra translations and commentaries, mindfulness manuals, poems, prose, and children’s stories, with more than 90 in English, including the best-selling Peace Is Every Step, The Art of Power, True Love, Old Path White Clouds and Anger. Thich Nhat Hanh’s key teaching is that, through mindfulness, we can learn to live happily in the present moment—the only way to truly develop peace, both in one’s self and in the world.

Corri Daniels

Corri attended the University of Victoria with a major in Neuropsychology and Counselling psychology.  Upon receiving her BA in 1989, she continued the same year with her Masters Program in the Psychology Department with focus on Clinical Psychology and Hypnotherapy.

Corri is often described by her friends and colleagues as a "geek".  She blends her clinical training with a passion for energy medicine and all things quantum theory. One of her foundational beliefs is all strives towards balance and we possess the innate ability to heal, change and grow.

Corri has been working as a counsellor/consultant for 25 yrs in the healthcare profession and incorporates mindfulness based meditation and body oriented therapies into her work.

"I have great gratitude and appreciation for mindfulness meditation. Regardless of what may be visiting in my life, I can connect with my knowing, the path to my wise woman.  In both my individual and group counselling practice I am humbled by the privilege to witness the transformative change mindfulness can bring to people's lives.  Mindfulness appeals to my spirit, scientific mind and body.  Number 1 tool in the skills for living box".

Corri is excited to offer her skills and looks forward to meeting all in attendance at the Nicaragua Retreat.



Pedro Mejia is the Co-Founder and Director of Operations of Summit Adventures Nicaragua.  He studied Hospitality Management before deciding to travel the world and take all kinds of jobs along the way.  While traveling, he learned to play guitar, become a massage therapist, a flair bartender and even spin fire-poi! Among his favorite travel experiences includes when he was working with sea turtles and their conservation. 
All of his travel experience and his passion for responsible and sustainable tourism set the stage for Summit Adventures Nicaragua, where is excited to share the incredible history and culture of Nicaragua with our guests while having lots of fun along the way!  Look out for him when you’re in the office or on tour, his contagious and unique laugh gives him away!  


See you there!