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 Frequently Asked Questions & Travel Tips




   We carefully selected Rise Up Surf Resort for it's beautiful location, beach, waves, service and proximity to amazing adventure tour opportunities. We also tried to anticipate  questions you might have and helpful travel tips for Nicaragua. Our intention is the information helps create stress free planning. LET THE ADVENTURE BEGIN....

IMPORTANT! Please do not book your flight before we confirm your reservation is secured. (We will contact you after you register to let you know your payment has been recieved and you are officially booked)

What are the Passport and Visa Requirements?

Visitors need a passport valid for a least 6 months to enter Nicaragua. A Visa is not required for Canadian and American travellers. When you enter the country you pay for a tourist card which costs $10US (have cash ready) and valid for 90 days.

When you leave the country the exit tax is $35US. Some major airlines include this tax in the price of your tickets, remember to check with your airline/travel agent.  You may request this to be added for convenience.

Will we have transportation from the airport to Rise Up Surf Resort?

Yes your transportation is included with the Retreat.
Rise Up Surf is 3.4 hrs. from Augustco C. Sandino (Managua) International airport. The drive allows for the opportunity to experience Nicaragua's landscape, relax or visit with your other retreat participants. Some travel up front brings you to the center of adventure tourism.
What is the local currency?

The National currency is the Cordoba. US dollars are widely accepted. At ATM's you can withdraw both the Cordoba and US dollar.
No vaccinations are required for entry into Nicaragua, however check with your local health care provider to discuss vaccinations that may be recommended.a

We recommend women who are preganant or women/men planning on becoming preganant in the months following the retreat do not attend due to risk of Zika virus.

Nicaragua has a tropical climate, hot all year round, with average daily temperatures ranging between 25 and 27 degrees Celsius (77 and 81 °F) on the eastern side, and between 26 and 28 °C (79 and 82 °F) in the west.

It is recommended that North American visitors drink purified bottled water. Available to you at the Resort and tours.

Pick clothes that are light and breathable in the heat. Remember a shade hat and insect repellent. Check out Rise Up Surf's website for a suggested packing list.

Roads are rough, even in cities, so good walking shoes will ease your trip considerably; lightweight hiking boots or just sturdy sneakers are sufficient. You’ll be hard-pressed to find shoes larger than a men’s 10.5 (European 42) for sale in Nicaragua. Take a pair of shower sandals with you, or better yet, buy a pair of rubber chinelas anywhere in Nicaragua for about $1.

Travel insurance is recommeded for your trip.
In the countryside, Nicaraguans  typically don’t wear shorts, unless they are at the beach or at home. Jeans travel well, but you will probably find them hot in places like León; khakis are lighter and dry faster.

Tipping is customary and appreciated.  For airport/hotel baggage handlers, US $1.00 per bag is acceptable. For restaurants and other services, 10-15% of value of service is customary but not obligatory.

The language of Nicaragua is Spanish, although English is spoken in tourist areas.  You may want to consider bringing a Spanish/English Dictionary.